A Spooktacular Halloween: Our #GhoulSquad

Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday of the year. I love everything about it – dressing up, decorating the house, carving pumpkins, and trick or treating with the kids. If anyone has followed me for the past two years, you know I love a good baby costume. Two years ago my friend Melissa and I did a mini photo shoot with Zach and her son Harrison. That same year I also made a calendar for our family with Zach dressed as a different ‘characters’ for each month.

Whats more fun than dressing one baby up for halloween? Dressing twins! This year I knew I was going to be super busy and exhausted with the twins, plus Zach HATES having his photo taken, so another costume calendar was completely out of the question for all three kids. We had a super busy October with a big family wedding, so we didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch until October 29. It worked out well though as it was pretty much empty and Zach had his pick of anything in the playground.

“We” carved pumpkins (read: I carved them) and decorated the front entry way. Zach picked a scary face for his pumpkin, and we carved a “Z”, “N”, and “T” in the other three. Last year Zach was sick, so missed out on trick or treating, so we were all very excited for him to participate this year. We even practiced! The girls dressed up and tagged along as well, but only made it to about four houses before they were done for the night.

Next year will be even better with everyone walking on their own! Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween!

Here’s a roundup of all our past and present costumes:

Zach’s Halloween Calendar 2015

Zach’s First Halloween 2015

Zach and Harrison 2015

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2017


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