Zachary’s Big Boy Room Tour

When we started planning for a second child (little did we know it would be our second AND third child), we decided to move Zach to a different room so the twins could have the nursery. Our plan was to keep Zach in his crib for as long as possible, but since plans never go as you’d imagine, he started climbing out of his crib four months before the girls arrived. So we changed his crib into a toddler bed and moved him rooms all within about a week. He did surprisingly very well with the change. I have such fun decorating rooms, and this was no exception.


Style: Zach’s nursery was woodland themed, so I wanted to incorporate most of the decor into his new room while changing the feel from baby to toddler/kid. The perfect transition was to a mountain/outdoor theme.

Inspiration: I spent A LOT of time on Pinterest looking at mountain inspired toddler rooms. I was drawn to the rooms that had giant mountain murals painted on a feature wall. I definitely took my inspiration from this and a little bit of the monochromatic trend that is all over Instagram right now.

My Favorite Part: Definitely the mountains on the feature wall! My original plan was to paint the mountains, but I just didn’t have the time or energy, so decided to go with decals. I absolutely love them!

Biggest Challenge: Definitely putting the mountain decals on the wall. This took a long time to make sure they were centred and lined up properly.

Proudest DIY: I really wanted some cool shaped shelves, and decided to try and make a triangle and hexagon shelf myself. Turns out you need a special saw, which I didn’t have, so a friend helped cut the pieces for me. But I put them together myself and am super proud!

Biggest Indulgence: The four forrest paintings on either side of the window. We have a family friend who is an amazing painter, and we purchased these from her.

Best Advice: Take your time to find the right pieces that fit with your theme. It took me quite awhile to find everything I wanted, but it flows so  nicely now. If you rush decorating a room you’ll end up with pieces you either don’t like, or don’t really fit.


Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore – Barren Plain

Trim Paint: Benjamin Moore – Oxford White

Mountain decals: CG Home

Plus Quilt: Sew Steph Quilts

Paper Storage Bag: Olive and Papaya

Mountain Shelf: Redefine Home Accessories

Branch Lamp: Target

Teepee Shelf: Olive and Papaya

Campfire Set: Domestic Objects

Felt Ball Garland: Nocturnal Blue

Forrest Paintings: Linda Frimer

Wood Prints: Unik Print Shop

Fox Clock: Modern Moose