Dating Ultrasound

On September 28, 2016 we found out we’d be having two little babies instead of one. To say we were shocked is a huge understatement. The day before, we met up with Danny’s brother as he was in town from Ottawa for work. Danny and him were trying to arrange lunch plans for the next day, but my ultrasound was over their lunch hour. I told Danny he didn’t have to come with me because we wouldn’t really be seeing anything yet anyway other than a blob on the screen, but he wanted to be there regardless.

Once the ultrasound began, the tech asked me if I had been nauseous or feeling sick. I hadn’t, so thought it was an odd question for her to ask. I immediately became worried that something was wrong given my past miscarriage. Part way through the scan I got up to use the washroom and glanced at the screen since I hadn’t be able to see it yet. I distinctly remember seeing the words “Fetal Pole 2”. I thought to myself “why would it say 2?” and briefly thought maybe there were two babies, but immediately dismissed it. As the tech was finishing the ultrasound, she asked me if there were any twins in my family. I said “No, why??”, and she asked if Danny had any in his. Again no, but why?? She wouldn’t say! Something clicked and I asked her if it was twins. They’re technically not allowed to disclose any information during the ultrasounds, so she didn’t really say anything, but kinda smiled and gave a slight nod. Danny kept asking her over and over again if she would confirm it was twins – he was in complete shock, as was I! I immediately started laughing and crying at the same time as Danny was staring off into space. I always joke that he was envisioning how much money they were going to cost.

As soon as we stepped out of the office Danny turned to me and asked “How did you know??”. I had made a number of jokes about it being twins before we found out. He said he would never doubt my intuition again, and neither will I!



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