Noa & Talia’s Birth Story

The days I gave birth to our children were the most amazing days of our lives. Each were quite different and special in their own way. Our girls arrived four weeks early, when I was thirty-six weeks and two days pregnant. I was scheduled to have a cesarean on April 26, 2017, however the last few ultrasounds I had, baby A was measuring quite a bit smaller than baby B, and my fluid was on the low side. After my last ultrasound on April 13, my OB decided that it would be best if they came a week earlier on April 19. We were soooo excited to finally meet them!

My mom arrived from Vancouver on April 16, and was planning to stay with us for about seven weeks to help out with the babies and Zach. I woke up on April 17 and throughout the morning felt like baby B wasn’t moving nearly as much as normal. I could still feel her sporadically, but I was starting to get a little worried, and my OB had told me to come in if I felt any change in movement as it could be related to the low fluid. My mom and I were watching TV around 1:00pm when I turned to her and said “I think I’m going to go to the hospital”. She looked shocked, but I explained why and she helped me load my hospital bags into the car just in case they kept me, as they had a few weeks earlier for a night. I drove myself to our hospital in Toronto, since Danny was at work, but called him along the way and left to meet me there.

I went up to triage and was hooked up to the machines to monitor their heart rates, which were perfect. The OB on call came by a little while later to do a bedside ultrasound. While he could see movement from both babies, I wasn’t feeling any myself. He explained that he was going to order a full ultrasound to double check everything was ok. About an hour later a nurse walked into our room and said “I hear you’re having the babies tonight!”. Danny and I looked at each other in disbelief since we thought we were just waiting for an ultrasound. OMG it was happening today! The OB came back and confirmed the movements didn’t seem normal and they thought it was best to play it safe as I was only two days away from my scheduled C section anyway. We had to wait until about 9:00pm for the surgery as I had last eaten lunch around noon, so Danny went home to pick up his bag and say goodnight to Zach.

While I was waiting for surgery, they kept the heart rate monitors on my belly, which also monitored for contractions. I started noticing that the contraction monitor was spiking every few minutes while I was having cramps. The cramps became stronger and the peaks on the monitor higher. When a nurse came by next I asked her if I was having contractions, and she confirmed I was! How crazy was it that I started going into labour while I was waiting for surgery?! These babies decided April 17 was their birthday no matter what. In hindsight, baby B was Talia and we now know how strong-willed and determined she is, so I guess she decided enough was enough and wanted out.

9:00pm came quickly, and the nurse arrived to get me for surgery. It was such a different experience than having an emergency C section, like I did with Zach. I walked myself into the OR and got up on the surgery table myself. Danny waited outside while they prepped me and got my spinal in. Everything took so much longer than I remembered the first time around. I remember being freezing cold, shaking, trying to breath and just relax. Once the spinal was in and I was laying down, they brought Danny in and he came over and held my hand. Our surgeon, Dr. Spitzer, was amazing, as was the anesthesiologist. They both made me feel so calm and comfortable. They talked me through the surgery as it was happening and told us when they were about to take out the first baby.

At 10:00pm on the dot baby A was born and they asked if we wanted the sheet lowered, which we did. Danny immediately said “she looks like Zach!”. They lifted her up and she had such dark hair! She weighed in at 4lbs 12oz. Exactly one minute later they lifted up baby B, and she was blonde! She weighed in at 4lbs 9oz. Danny went over to be with the babies as they were clearing their lungs and checking them over. I could hear them crying and was so excited to see them again. They turned on the TV, which was just above my head and had a live camera on one of the babies, so I could watch her. Once baby A was ready, the nurse brought her over to me so Danny and I could hold and look at her. Next baby B was brought over. Danny was so nervous to hold both at once, but he did it!

Once the surgery was over, I was wheeled into recovery holding both babies. What an amazing and surreal feeling that was. We unwrapped them, did skin to skin, and just stared at them in amazement. We couldn’t believe there were two babies. What an amazing gift and blessing it is to have two at once, and we were just in such shock that they had finally arrived safely.

We had picked out two names, Noa and Talia, but waited until they were born to assign each a name. Immediately Danny and I both agreed which baby got each name – baby A was Noa and baby B was Talia. I was so nervous that it would be difficult to choose, but it was so easy and natural for both of us.

The three days in the hospital was a bit of a whirlwind with lots of visitors and getting the hang of caring for two babies at once. My recovery from surgery went well with no complications, which I’m so thankful for. We were so blessed that they stayed in me as long as they did and didn’t need any support after they were born. We were able to go home three days later and start our new family of five.



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