Our Story

How did we get to where we are now? Let me try to briefly bring you up to speed on our current situation.

I grew up in Tsawwassen, a suburb of Vancouver, BC as an only child. I enjoyed high school and was part of the gymnastics and cheerleading team. I also played softball and tennis. I went to the University of Calgary for two years, then transferred to school back in Vancouver to get my degree in Hospitality Management. I now work in insurance (totally different!) as a disability case manager in downtown Toronto.

My husband grew up in Nepean, a suburb of Ottawa, ON. He has always been a huge sports fanatic, and collected thousands of baseball cards growing up. He received his undergra degree from McGill University in Montreal, and went to law school at Queens in Kingston, ON. He now works as an employment lawyer in downtown Toronto.

My husband and I first met years and years ago when he was out west visiting my friend Sarah during Christmas break from University. A few years later, we met up again in the south of France, then a few years after that I was at my friend Melissa’s wedding in Toronto when we reconnected and started dating. We dated long distance for about 6 months before I packed up and moved across the country. That was 2011. In June 2012 Danny proposed and we were married within three months. We had such a short engagement because my dad was very ill and we wanted to make sure he was able to attend our wedding. The following summer we went to Italy and Croatia for our honeymoon.

In 2013 I became pregnant, but unfortunately miscarried at eighteen weeks. Six weeks later my dad passed away. It was a very tough year, but I was able to get through it with the support of my husband, both our families, and our friends. We welcomed our son Zachary in March 2015 right before we moved to Oakville, a suburb of Toronto. I spent a year at home with Zach before returning to work. In September of 2016 we found out we were expecting twins, which arrived four weeks early in April 2017. Read about how we found out we were expecting twins here.

Danny and I are very excited to see what our future holds for both us and our children!



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