Review: The Sleep Zzz Pillow

Anytime I meet someone expecting twins, I immediately tell them the few products that are my must haves with the girls. One of them is the Twin Z Pillow, so when I discovered they had another product for toddlers, I was excited to try it.

We received the Sleep Zzz Pillow just over a month ago now, and Zach has been using it while watching TV on the couch, or on the floor. I was a little nervous he wasn’t going to like it, because he’s sooo particular (especially about pillows for some reason), but he actually took to it right away! I was legitimately shocked. It looks exactly like the body pillow I used while pregnant, except it’s mini sized for toddlers and kids. I even laid on it and it really is very comfortable. It hugs their little bodies and provides support to their backs and necks, while giving them something to hug onto.

We’ve been trying for nearly a year now to get Zach to use a pillow in his converted crib to toddler bed, which he’s completely rejected, but we’re planning to get him a real big boy bed in the next month or so. Once that’s all set up, we’ll bring the Sleep Zzz Pillow up to his room and see how he likes it for sleeping. Hopefully all the practicing on the couch pays off!

On top of being super comfortable, its the same great quality as the Twin Z Pillow and comes in a bunch of fun patterns. You can check out the Sleep Zzz pillow HERE and the Twin Z Pillow  HERE. If you’d like to purchase either of these products, use code TZSZ10 for 10% off.


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