Twin Mom Gear: Stroller Edition

When I was pregnant with Zach I knew exactly which stroller I wanted – the Uppababy Vista. It was functional, stylish, easy to fold, and a dream to push. I absolutely loved that stroller. When I found out I was pregnant this time, my plan was to buy the toddler seat attachment and not buy a specific double stroller since Zach wasn’t using it that much anymore anyway. Once we found out we were expecting twins though, that wasn’t an option anymore because I had the older Vista which didn’t accommodate two car seats. I started my research by figuring out if I wanted a tandem or side-by-side stroller. This decision consumed me for weeks. I noticed most twin moms had one of the following double strollers:

  • Baby Jogger City Select
  • Uppababy Vista (newer model, which accommodates two car seats)
  • Bugaboo Donkey Twin
  • ValcoBaby Snap Duo Ultra or Snap Duo
  • Baby Trend Snap-N-Go

I started by joining a Facebook group specific for strollers. Thousands of members asked questions, posted their thoughts, and provided honest feedback. I quickly noticed that the majority of moms of twins preferred a side-by-side stroller. When I was at Snugglebugz a few weeks later, I decided to push around both a tandem and a side-by-side to feel the differences for myself. Snugglebugz has these great weighted dolls that you can put in their strollers to see what an actual baby will feel like. So I put two in each stroller I wanted to test and pushed them around the store. I quickly realized why most people prefer a side-by-side. Pushing a tandem stroller with two children in it is difficult. Like it feels like you’re pushing a bus. It was heavy to push, had a wide turn, and I didn’t like that I couldn’t see both babies at once. I was constantly leaning over to see the baby at the end of the stroller. The side-by-side absolutely out-preformed the tandem in every way in my opinion, except for the width factor, which I’ll get to later. So the arguably most difficult decision in my stroller hunt was made – I wanted a side-by-side. I should add, a lot of moms suggested the Baby Trend Snap-N-Go for when the babies are still in the bucket seats for how easy this stroller is. However, it has zero frills and is not stylish AT ALL. I’ll admit, I wasn’t excited about the idea of buying an ugly stroller, so didn’t even look at it. Spoiler: I ended up with one and use it A TON!

Next I had to find one that was able to accommodate two bucket car seats attached at the same time. Surprisingly, there aren’t that many side-by-side strollers that can be used with newborn twins and their car seats. Other criteria I had on my must-have list included:

  • Reversible & removable toddler seats
  • Large storage basket
  • Adjustable handle

This narrowed down my options to the Bugaboo Donkey Twin or ValcoBaby Snap Duo Ultra. Most twin moms in the stroller Facebook group loved the ValcoBaby, which is an Australian company. I mean really really LOVE it. I don’t think I read any negative feedback about the ValcoBaby. I looked into this stroller more, but unfortunately at the time I needed to purchase it, the double car seat adapter wasn’t yet available in Canada. So that was it, I would go with the Bugaboo Donkey Twin. We purchased this stroller new on Black Friday and were able to apply a ‘twins’ discount, so were lucky enough to get a brand new one for the price that most people sold theirs used at.

Here it is set up in all it’s glory two months before the girls arrived.

Post-Twins Stroller Review

Ok, so all this research was done pre-twins, obviously. Now here’s my post-twins review after using the stroller for several months.

Now that I’ve been using the Donkey for 7 months, here are the things I love about it:

  • It pushes like a DREAM. Despite the heavy weight, it just pushes so easily it’s amazing
  • The car seats are up high, which is really nice. It doesn’t feel like your babies are floating right above the ground
  • The basket is pretty good. I came from having a Vista with the best basket on any stroller, so it’s always hard to compare, BUT the basket on the Donkey is decent
  • The tires are big and filled with air, which makes it really easy to push over rougher terrain
  • The accessories are really amazing. They make sun canopy’s which have SPF in them and mesh sides, which are great on a hot day. They also have a bunch of different colour fabrics, and release limited edition prints.

And here are a few things which aren’t as great:

  • It’s kinda a pain to fold. You have to take off the car seat adapter each time (which is large). And once you use the toddler seats, those need to come off too to fold
  • It’s heavy. You’re going to get a workout lifting it in and out of the trunk
  • It does NOT fit through most doors with the car seats attached. Something I didn’t test out before buying. It probably wouldn’t have swayed my decision, but it would have been good to know.
  • It’s very pricey! BUT it holds its resale value very well.

For me, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I really do love this stroller. A LOT.

But because the Donkey doesn’t fit through a lot of doors with the car seats attached, I needed to figure something out since I’d be picking up Zach from daycare with the girls. Carrying two car seats into daycare then walking out with Zach as well just wasn’t going to work. I ended up connecting with a local mom who was expecting twins, and she was nice enough to gift me her Baby Trend Snap-N-Go (remember the stroller I wouldn’t even look at? *insert face palm emoji*) as her car seats weren’t going to work with it. I have to admit, while this stroller is ugly, it is incredibly functional. I now use it every time I pick Zach up from daycare, or if I know I’m going somewhere where the Donkey won’t fit.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love my Bugaboo, but I just wish I had known I’d need a tandem for certain situations while the girls were still in their car seats. Once the girls are moved into their convertible car seats, I plan to pay forward the Snap-N-Go to another expectant twin mom in my local area. If you’re expecting twins and wanting a fancy side-by-side stroller, take it from me and try to find a second hand Snap-N-Go to go with it as well. You’ll thank me later when you’re gliding through narrow doorways with ease!


I’ll be writing another post about traveling with the twins, and in that I’ll go into detail about why we decided to get another stroller (I know, I know). Stay tuned!


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